Saturday, June 8, 2013

An Homage to Langston Hughes -- Free Verse in a Single Stanza by Deborah Sparks

As You Grew Wiser

It was a long time ago
You were a poet
But much more than that
You stood up
For your beliefs
For your people
For your country
You had some struggles
Like we all do
But at the end of the day
You persevered
The Harlem Renaissance
Owes itself to you
You were its voice
Its breath
Its leader
Your writing style inspires
Those who desire freedom
Free verse is a gift
Of independence
Which you so prized
You said you had dreams --
In "As I Grew Older"
Dreams that shatter the darkness
Into sunlight
In nineteen twenty six
You were ahead of your time
America owes
A great debt to you
A modern man you were
The "People's Poet" no less
Jazz poetry lives on
Because of you
You were a poet
An activist
A playwright
A scholar
An innovator
Langston Hughes
You shattered the sunlight
You broke your shadow
You found your dream

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